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Roll Roofing Vs. Shingles

Roll roofing or shingles? Confused about the best choice? District Roofing has the answer! Uncover the pros and cons to make an informed decision. 🏠🔨

It might sound simplistic to say that your roof is essential, but it is. It’s there to protect your home and everything in it including you from the outside world; therefore, it has to do a good job and be in good condition. This is why, as soon as you see an issue with this protective roof, you need to do something about it quickly. This could lead to rushed decisions, especially when it comes down to choosing suitable material. The key is to pay attention to the pros and cons of your options and select the fabric that will be best for your roof and your situation. Often it will come down to roll roofing vs. shingles, which can be confusing. Luckily, we’ve put together a post about the pros and cons of each, giving you a helping hand to make your choice.

What Is Roll Roofing? 

There isn’t any way you can pick the proper roofing for you without a bit of info about each type. We’ll start with roll roofing, and it’s so simple to understand; the name says it all! Roll roofing is a roll of asphalt that’s made to be used for roofing. It’s as simple as that, apart from the added fiberglass or felt that’s sometimes added to make it stronger. No hidden surprises with roll roofing.

Roll Roofing Advantages

Roll roofing is simple to understand and use, so it’s often a simple choice – who wants to choose complex material to work with, especially if they’re planning some DIY over the weekend? No one does for the most part. That DIY job can be done precisely how you want it by choosing roll roofing. In addition, roll roofing is cheaper than shingles and much more reasonable. Another question for you is do you want to spend a lot of cash on your roof? If the answer’s no, then roll roofing is for you. And don’t forget that roll roofing can stand up to pretty much anything Mother Nature wants to throw at it – that’s a great benefit.

Roll Roofing Disadvantages 

Although there are some brilliant advantages to roll roofing vs. shingles, we’ve got to be honest – there are issues too. The big one, and the one that might persuade you over to shingles, is that roll roofing doesn’t last. Once installed, you’ll have maybe 12 years (if lucky) and probably a bit less. Shingles, however, can last for decades and perhaps 50 years. That’s quite a difference. Also, how do you want your house to look? Good or possibly less appealing? If you want it to look good, don’t pick roll roofing. It’s just not that nice to look at.

What Are Shingles

Take a look out the window and peer at your neighbor’s roof. If you see individual tiles layered on each other, that’s shingles. They’re a popular choice and easy to spot and look at.

Shingles Advantages 

Roll roofing or shingles; it can be a hard choice when you don’t know the facts, but that’s what we’re here for – and here are some facts about shingles that might convince you to get them a go. Suppose you want your home to look great (which, let’s face it, you do); shingles have to be your choice. They come in so many colors and styles that you can pick what you want and enjoy the results, and so can everyone else. And as we say, shingles last for years and decades. Put a new shingle roof on when you move into a house, and you’ll probably never need to do it again.

Shingles Disadvantages 

There’s something to think about in the roll roofing vs. shingles debate that will always cause problems: money. If money were no object, shingles would be the outright champion. But money is an object, a big, bulky one that gets in the way, and the fact is that shingles cost more than roll roofing. In addition, if you’re thinking of installing shingles yourself and adding a new roof to your catalog of DIY achievements, think again. It’s a difficult job that needs experts to take it on. Contact us today to get more info about how we can help.

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