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Why Do People Put Tires on Their Roof?

What Should You Consider Before Putting Tires on Your Roof?

We put so many things on our roofs to protect them, from shingles to solar panels, but tires? Setting tires on our roof might seem odd, but hear us out. Why do people put tires on their roofs? Let’s show you some reasons and how using tires on your roof can benefit you, whatever property you own.

The Structural Integrity Factor

The roof is understandably the key to any building. If you want to enhance the structural side of the equation, especially in areas that suffer extreme weather conditions, tires work wonders. Tires on your roof can reinforce it and minimize damage from storms, hurricanes, and other adverse weather. As tires act as a buffer against the force of the wind, are durable because of the rubber composition, and the weight anchors the roofing materials, this prevents roofs from being lifted away during a storm.

An Environmentally Friendly Solution

There is a greater focus on environmentally friendly solutions in the modern world. Many others are now looking at sustainability in every aspect of our homes. Old tires can be repurposed in many different ways. Placing them on the roof gives them a second lease of life, mainly as old tires are commonly found in landfills.

Noise Reduction

Tires are excellent for insulation in a couple of ways. They can maintain a more consistent temperature within the building, which is particularly useful in areas with extreme fluctuations in temperature. Tires can also help people living in noisy urban locations as they can dampen those noises from inside and outside the building.

Using Tires as a Temporary Emergency Solution

If a homeowner notices any damage to their roof, a tire can be a convenient temporary solution. Placing a tire over an affected area can prevent water from seeping in, but it depends on the size of the site in question. As tires are naturally huge gaping holes with rubber surrounding them, you must find the right tire for the damage you aim to protect.

An Amazing System for Green Roofs

Green roofs are becoming popular for their environmental benefits and aesthetic appeal. Tires can form what is known as a ballast system, which is typically used for leveling and compensating loads in surface vessels to modify structural load distribution. The tires can hold the green roof in place, ensuring plants and soil stay secure, regardless of the weather bearing down on the top.

What Should You Consider Before Putting Tires on Your Roof?

If you are considering installing tires on your roof, this will depend on several different factors, including the following:

  • How secure the tires are as you should make sure they are correctly fastened to prevent shifting during adverse weather.
  • If any local restrictions don’t allow these installations.
  • Your roof type will raise questions about the overall structural integrity and whether it suits your roof.

There are several reasons people put tires on their roofs. If you are considering rubbering up your roof, it’s essential to figure out your specific reasons why. Remember, if you ever want professional help, we are always here for you.

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