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What are the best shingles for a roof? Comparative Guide!

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What are the best shingles for a roof?

If you’re building a new home or just replacing an old roof, then you want to ensure that you’re giving your home the shelter and protection it needs. To that end, there are several options, but someone without much roofing experience might have difficulty telling the difference between them. 

Here, we will look at those options to help you answer the question: what are the best shingles for a roof?


One of the most common options available is these shingles, which use a fiberglass mat, an asphalt layer on top, and a ceramic granular surface. They’re highly cost-effective and easy to use, but the cheaper kinds are some of the least durable. There are multilayered shingles that offer better longevity.


These shingles are made from recycled materials or polymers, mixing the benefits of rubber and plastic. As such, they have excellent weather resistance, can withstand many impacts, and are long-lasting. They are typically more expensive than the cheaper asphalt shingles but within the same price range as the more expensive ones.


Slate is typically more expensive than other shingles as a natural stone, even if mixed with stone, steel, or synthetic hybrid materials; however, they offer one of the most durable options in exchange. If you’re asking, “what are the best shingles for a roof?” with an unlimited budget, slate shingles can last hundreds of years.


Metal shingles are becoming increasingly popular in areas where storm damage is a severe risk. These roofs use different metals, with aluminum tending to be the least expensive, the price rising between copper and steel alloys. They can reflect the sun’s heat, last a long time even for the cheaper options, and are algae and fire-resistant, but some people get annoyed by how noisy they can be in the rain or get dented.


Not one of the most common options, these natural shingles, often made of redwood, cedar, or pine, are durable and can last up to 50 years; however, since wood can rot, you must give them care and maintenance more often. They also come with an extra fire risk and are banned in areas prone to wildfires, even though they are treated with fire-resistant coatings.


Usually more challenging to find than the other options, solar shingles offer your home some ability to generate energy through solar power. They’re light and flexible but also relatively expensive compared to other options.

In conclusion, what are the best shingles for a roof?

Simply put, the answer will depend on your budget, climate, and the type of protection you need. We’re always on hand to help you answer the question “What are the best shingles for a roof?” for your needs. Get in touch with our team to ensure the best roof for you.

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