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How to Replace Roof Shingles?

Unleash the Power of DIY Roof Repairs! Learn the Art of Effortless Shingle Replacement. Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Leak-Proof Roof. Say Goodbye to Leaks! how to replace roof shingles?

Discovering that a shingle is missing, damaged, or broken on your roof can be a hassle, but one of the benefits of shingles is that it’s relatively easy to replace one or two without replacing a whole roof. That said, you want to ensure you’re doing it right. As such, we will look at how to replace roof shingles and restore your roof to its full strength. How to replace roof shingles is our topic in this article. Even we have Roof replacement service in district roofing that you can contact with us.

Removing the sealant and nails

First, if the old shingle is still there, you have to remove the nails that are fixing the shingle to the roof deck. You have to undo the sealant bond, which can be done by sliding a flat pry bar beneath the edge and lifting. Do this on every side of the shingle before prying out the nails if they don’t come out while prying the edges.

Removing the second set of nails

After following the steps above, a second set of nails will offer extra wind resistance. You need to follow the same process, using a flat pry bar to ease beneath them on each side, removing them individually. After that, the shingle should be loose, and you should be able to remove it with your hands.

Putting the new shingle in its place

When learning how to replace roof shingles, ensure you have a replacement shingle of the same size as the one you’re replacing. Slide it into position, and from there, you follow the same process in reverse. Nail the shingle in place, then nail the other overlapping shingles onto it, where the previous nails were removed.

Sealing the new shingle

Just as you removed the seal from the shingle you removed, you have to reseal it again when there’s a new one in place. You can do this with asphalt plastic roof cement, which should be spaced evenly along the tabs of the new shingle, then press the shingle down flat into that space. Do the same for any surrounding shingles you had to unseal to access the one you removed.

Avoid making some critical mistakes

There are some common mistakes that you want to avoid when replacing your shingle, such as the following:

  • Not nailing your shingle correctly, by not using enough nails per shingle, or not driving them straight into the deck. This can cause a shingle to slide or blow off.
  • Not using the correct standard roofing nails. Your nails must be the right size to fix your shingles in place and be galvanized and corrosion-resistant.
  • Not aligning your shingles properly. If you must use a chalk line to align them properly, do it, or the wind can easily remove the out-of-alignment shingle.

Learn how to replace roof shingles with the help of a professional

Only some people will be confident and comfortable with replacing their roof shingles. If this includes you, don’t be afraid to call the professionals. Contact our team, and we’ll be glad to get your roof back to maximum effectiveness in no time.

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