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How Long Does Cedar Siding Last?

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Cedar siding is a great choice to protect the exterior of your home and produce beautiful aesthetics. Cedar is a resilient material. It is famous for its ability to resist rot and damage from weather. But it for sure won’t last forever.

Want your siding to last longer? Maintenance is the key. However, even with reasonable care, it will need to be replaced eventually.

With that said, how long does cedar siding last? It can last for ages, but the exact time will depend on several factors.

Why choose cedar siding?

Cedar siding has some excellent benefits. Its ability to resist rot and protect your home from adverse weather makes it durable and long-lasting. It’s also naturally insulating, helping regulate your home’s temperature.

Are you looking for something sustainable? Cedar is a fantastic choice for your siding. It’s a biodegradable, natural wood that doesn’t require much processing or treatment to make it ready for use.

Another incredible eco-friendly benefit is that it lasts for decades. You’ll save big bucks when you don’t need to replace it often.

Of course, cedar siding also looks excellent; however, its aesthetic appeal is one of the main reasons it’s liked.

How long does cedar siding last?

How long does cedar siding last? You’re looking at 20 to 40 years for newly installed siding. This could be doubled by caring for it properly.

Check the warranty on new cedar siding before buying. It varies by manufacturer or installer, but it’s valuable information. You can use it to determine how long you can rely on your shiny new siding.

How to maintain cedar siding?

You must pay attention to maintenance if you want to extend the life of your cedar siding. It’s easy to start sealing the wood to avoid anything nasty. Applying a finish will provide extra protection from the elements.

Moisture damage can be a big problem for cedar siding. You’ll want to keep moisture away as much as possible. Check that your gutters and drains are working correctly to stop it getting in. If you spot any cracks or damage, fix them immediately.

It would help if you also protect your siding from pests. Preventing excess moisture will help with this; however, it’s also essential to look out for signs of pests so any potential issues can be addressed quickly.

Clean your cedar siding regularly, too. Using a pressure washer on its lowest setting once a year is an excellent way to maintain your siding.

When to replace cedar siding?

Cedar siding might last a long time but won’t last forever. With that said, when should you replace it? Some things to look for include signs of moisture damage, mold, and mildew. If you spot these problems, they’re strong indicators that you need new siding.

Keep your cedar siding looking good and help it last longer by maintaining it. If you see signs of damage, it might need to be replaced.

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